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3 Aspects about Amazon Reviews Management that Sellers Must Know

3 Aspects about Amazon Reviews Management that Sellers Must Know
adam brooks

As an Amazon seller, your reputation is everything when it comes to becoming – and remaining – successful.  As your business grows, one of the most important ways of securing your reputation is by the reviews left by your customers.  When considering making a purchase online, many customers will immediately check out the reviews for the item and for you as a seller, meaning that the quality of your reviews can make or break your business. A great review will give a potential customer the confidence to make a purchase as well as boosting your rating as a seller. However, a negative review will very much have the opposite effect.

When starting out as an Amazon seller, your goal should be to score positive reviews for your products right from the beginning.  Anybody who uses popular review site, TripAdvisor, will tell you that, although they do, of course, read the positive reviews, it’s the negative ones that they pay most attention to.  Even if you have a number of great reviews, one or two less than wonderful ones may put off a potential customer.

Amazon’s Vine Program is a premium service for Amazon sellers designed to increase product reviews.  Sellers sign up to Amazon Vine for a fee (dependent on package and vendor) and can include up to 20 discounted or free products.  Amazon will then invite high-quality reviewers to review your product(s).