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5 Ways to Motivate Your Team Through An Extended Crisis

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team Through An Extended Crisis
Marketing Team

We’re in the last leg of what has been a very strange year – a public health crisis compounded with an economic slowdown and high unemployment rates across industries. While HR has been at the forefront of managing the pandemic and facilitating a smooth transition to remote work, productivity and motivation levels are still catching up to the new realities of the workplace.

Remote collaboration and HR tools are in place, processes have been set up to support remote employees, and organizations have done their best to smoothen out technical glitches that weighed down on employee productivity. However, that is just one part of the puzzle – creating an effective remote work environment for employees. The other part is ensuring that employees working remotely are engaged and motivated to bring their best self to work, wherever it is.

Work-from-home (WFH) is as much a cultural transition as it is technological. And as experience tells us, managing culture proves to be more challenging than implementing new technology.