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Mathilda Smith

Total Cleaning

Full Exterior Treatment includes a complete outside cleaning of your vehicle, including the rims, tyres, and all exterior surfaces. This guarantees that your entire vehicle is clean and well-maintained.

Environmental Element Defense

Full Exterior Treatment is the application of protective coatings like wax or sealer, which can shield your vehicle from harmful environmental factors like UV radiation, acid rain, and bird droppings.

Enhances The Vehicle’s Appearance

A Full Exterior Treatment can considerably enhance the vehicle’s appearance by restoring the sheen and lustre of the paint, making your vehicle look newer and more beautiful.

Raises The Vehicle’s Resale Value

Regular cleaning and maintenance can increase a car’s resale value. A Full Exterior Treatment can raise your vehicle’s overall value and increase its appeal to potential buyers.

Enhances Safety

A spotless exterior can increase visibility, particularly when your driving inclement weather. Our Full Exterior Treatment service can guarantee the cleanliness and debris-free condition of the windscreen and other windows, enhancing driver visibility and safety.

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