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Amazon PPC agency

Amazon PPC agency
Sequence Commerce

Sequence is a leading e-commerce company which connects consumers and brands all over Amazon,, and further.

Sequence will handle every aspect of your Amazon business, from the catalogue, to marketing, SEO, copywriting advertising, strategy reports, and much more.

In-house experts can be found in all fields essential to run and grow your Amazon company. When you require management of advertising such as photography, videography or branding store graphics or even a copy-writing task, we’re here to assist.

We’ll design you the top richest, most captivating Amazon and marketplace listings in the world. And we’ll make sure to ensure they are optimized using appropriate keywords and photos to increase conversion rates. We can do this with the optional services for creatives.

Amazing product photography that will increase conversion rates and strengthen your reputation

Our team creates eye-catching product videos, conducts Amazon Live events, and also provide extra videos to aid in marketing.

Our art directors will carry the strategic direction of your initiatives and ensure that your brand’s recognition and appealing by utilizing EBC designs, Storefront creation and more.

9 Van Der Graaf Ct, Brampton, ON L6T 5E5, Canada