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Amazon Product Listing Guide For Amazon Sellers

Amazon Product Listing Guide For Amazon Sellers
adam brooks

Remember that the product detail page and all information on it will be used by all sellers. Don’t include any information that’s specific to your offers, such as price, quantity or condition – this can be added during the offer listing process. If your offer-specific information is found on a detail page, you will be contacted by Amazon with instructions to remove it in accordance with our product listing guidelines.

Please do not create duplicate product detail pages. If our site is cluttered with duplicates of the same item, it makes it hard for customers to compare offers. And the existing product detail page will almost always get the most traffic, so you will lose out by setting up a duplicate.

To avoid duplication, please use manufacturer-issued barcodes (EAN or UPC) whenever possible. Creating a product detail page for a product which already exists in the catalog is prohibited, and such pages will be removed.

Please note that Amazon can’t give you any legal advice. As a seller, you are solely responsible for your offers and must ensure that all product information is correct and complete and in line with legal requirements. If you are unsure which information needs to be displayed when listing on or whether your offers are in accordance with the law please seek independent legal advice.