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Amazon Vs. Walmart – Who is Winning?

Amazon Vs. Walmart – Who is Winning?
adam brooks

Today, most of our shopping is done online, with the two e-commerce giants: Amazon and Walmart. Although Walmart has been around us for 30 years more than Amazon, these two companies have been targeting the same set of customers lately. Though these two companies started differently and their growth strategies are different from one another, the lines have started to blur with the expansion of Amazon and Walmart’s presence on the internet.

The product portfolio is pretty much vast on Walmart as well as on Amazon. However, Amazon offers more brands as part of its product offerings which also includes hundreds of big brands. On the other hand, Walmart sells its own line of products in clothing.

For any service-based company or an e-commerce business, providing a superior customer experience is crucial for the company’s success. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Amazon rated higher than the other companies with a score of 83% (ACSI). On the other hand, Walmart joined the survey in 2018 and scored 74% making it to the bottom 8th of the list.

Though both companies include customers while making new strategies and product decisions, Jeff Bezos has established long before that Amazon is a customer-focused company that adds value to this e-commerce behemoth.