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Best Factory Coffee Shop, Hatch & Kiosk in Manchester

factory coffee

Welcome to Factory Coffee, the best coffee shop & coffee hatch in Manchester for coffee enthusiasts. We take pride in our exceptional coffee beans, sourced from around the world and expertly roasted to perfection. Step into our cosy space and indulge in aromatic brews crafted by our skilled baristas. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee lover or simply seeking a delightful caffeine fix, Factory Coffee promises an unforgettable experience for every coffee lover. Visit our coffee hatch today to have the best coffee in Manchester.

Get your free caffeine fix and let the music brew your soul at our electrifying Lunchtime Summer Party for charity!

King Street, West, Manchester has been lacking the smell of roasted coffee & class for some time!
No longer, as a tasteful conversion and makeover sees the lovely stone premises on the corner become the home of Factory coffee, Dooley & Rostron’s front of store coffee hatch.

Dooley & Rostron (previously Frank Rostron) are a gentlemen’s outfitters and tailors with a state of the art factory underneath their store where they make their bespoke garments. When they relocated and rebranded in April 2021, they decided to open with their very own coffee hatch, then Factory Coffee was born.