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Copperpod: Empowering Intellectual Property Services

Copperpod Intellectual Property

Copperpod is a leading provider of comprehensive intellectual property services, specializing in technology research and analysis. We offer a range of services, including prior art search, claim charts, source code review, and analysis for patent infringement, patent invalidity, and patent monetization. With our expertise, we help clients navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property to protect their inventions and make informed decisions.

Prior Art Search: Unveiling Novelty and Non-Obviousness

A vital aspect of patent evaluation is the prior art search. But what exactly is a prior art search? It is a meticulous examination of existing literature, including patents, technical papers, manuals, and more, to determine the novelty and non-obviousness of an invention. An invention must fulfill these criteria to be eligible for a patent:

  1. Patentable subject matter.
  2. Novelty – it is not already disclosed in the prior art.
  3. Non-obviousness – it is not an obvious combination of pre-existing inventions.

Copperpod’s prior art search services are designed to uncover whether your invention, or specific elements of it, meet these requirements. For new inventions, our search helps gauge the likelihood of receiving a patent. For existing patents, we assist in challenging their validity through processes like Inter Partes Review at the Patent Trial and Appellate Board.

Copperpod: Experts in Patent Search and Litigation Support

At Copperpod, our team of experts brings decades of experience in patent search and patent litigation support. We collaborate with attorneys to defend clients during patent infringement cases and evaluate the patentability of new inventions. Our meticulous approach leaves no stone unturned, enabling us to not only find the most relevant prior art but also provide a comprehensive understanding of the state of the art. We also assist invalidity experts in understanding, documenting, and preparing expert reports.

Avoiding Mistakes in Prior Art Searches

To help you navigate the complexities of prior art searches, we have identified ten common mistakes that can undermine the effectiveness of an Inter Partes Review. By reading our informative article, “10 Prior Art Search Mistakes That Undermine Your Inter Partes Review,” you can gain valuable insights and enhance the success of your patent evaluation process.

Comprehensive Coverage and Global Reach

Copperpod’s prior art patent search covers a vast array of databases worldwide, including European, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean patents. We leave no stone unturned, also incorporating major non-patent literature and product databases into our search. This comprehensive coverage ensures that our clients receive the most accurate and exhaustive analysis of prior art, supporting them in making well-informed decisions regarding their intellectual property.

Trust Copperpod for Your Intellectual Property Needs

With Copperpod by your side, you can harness the power of intellectual property to protect your inventions, challenge existing patents, and monetize your intellectual assets. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can assist you: Our team is ready to leverage their expertise and empower your intellectual property endeavors.

For new inventions, patent search helps you determine how likely is it that your invention (or portions thereof) will receive a patent. For existing patents, patent search helps you challenge their validity (for example, through an Inter Partes Review at the Patent Trial and Appellate Board).

Picture7-removebg-preview.pngCopperpod’s prior art patent search covers more than 100 patent office databases around the world – including European, Japanese, Chinese and Korean patents – as well as all major non-patent literature and product databases.