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Do’s and Don’ts of Research Paper Writing

Do's and Don'ts of Research Paper Writing
Ranjan Subhra

Research papers play a significant role in academia, enabling scholars to contribute to the existing body of knowledge with their new discoveries. However, writing a research paper worthy of journal publications can be daunting, especially for those new to the process.

To help you navigate this challenge, we will provide you with the essential do’s and don’ts of research paper writing. These guidelines will help you improve the quality of your research papers and enhance your chances of success.


Choose a compelling topic

Conduct thorough research

Create a clear statement

Outline your paper

Use reliable sources

Proofread and edit


Writing a false statement


Overuse jargon and complex language

Neglect proper citation

Rush the writing process

Ignore feedback and criticism


Writing a research paper is challenging but rewarding. Following the do’s and don’ts outlined above can enhance your research paper writing skills and produce high-quality work. However, as vigilant as you are in writing the research paper, there are some instances, you might miss a thing or two. You can take help from professional writers at ARDA Conference to help you submit a compelling and high-quality research paper. Contact us today to get writing help.