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E-class weights


Masse Prazise manufactures world class weight sets & individual weights in different accuracy classes of OIML & complying to most stringent & demanding requirements of our customers all over the globe. Weighing balance calibration is important to get accurate results of weighing; Most of the electronic weighing balance comes with a feature of Internal and external calibration, for batter accuracy it is recommended to calibrate the weighing balance with an external standard weight of known mass value.

For routine calibration of weighing balance using standard weight, operating manual of the weighing balance can be followed, normally all weighing balances comes with a inbuilt calibration function that can be access by pressing ‘Cal’ button for rest of the process manual can be followed.

For detailed calibration of weighing balance following of the test are performed.

Repeatability Test
Eccentricity Test
Linearity Test
Hysteresis Test