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EEG – Best Neurologist doctor in Purnea at The Purnea Neuro Clinic

Purnea Neuro Clinic

At Purnea Neuro Clinic, the patient s brain is treated with an EEG test Dr Shantanu Shubham is a Top Neurologist in Purnia
Dr Shantanu Shubham is a neurologist with sharp clinical acumen to deal with complex neurological disorders. Being trained from the top medical institute of India(MBBS, KEM HOSPITAL MUMBAIDM NEUROLOGY: National Institute of mental health and neurosciences (NIMHANS), BANGALORE). He has vast experience in treating the most difficult cases referred from all over India. In addition to diagnostic capabilities his respectful behaviour, caring nature and willingness to listen have made him popular among patients. After practising for more than 5 years in Darbhanga and Kolkata. He is serving as a neurologist in Neuroclinic. Dr Shantanu Shubham is the Best neurologist in Purnea, Bihar We provide Stroke, Headache, Epilepsy Alzheimer’s treatments.