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How do Tango Live Diamonds work?

How do Tango Live Diamonds work?
Temiw Kaw

To participate in the gifting experience, viewers must first purchase Tango Live Diamonds within the app. These diamonds can be bought through various in-app purchase options, and users can select the appropriate package that suits their budget and preferences. Once they have acquired Tango Live Diamonds, users can then send them as virtual gifts to broadcasters during their live streams.

Each Tango Live Diamond holds a specific value, ranging from a few to several thousand diamonds per gift. Broadcasters, in turn, receive diamonds when viewers send them gifts. The accumulated diamonds can be exchanged for real money by the broadcasters, creating an incentive for content creators to produce high-quality and engaging streams to attract more gifts.


In conclusion, Tango Live Diamonds have become an integral part of the live streaming experience on Tango Live. Beyond their monetary value, these virtual gifts hold deep symbolic significance for both broadcasters and viewers alike. As the live streaming landscape continues to evolve, Tango Live Diamonds remain at the forefront of enhancing the relationship between content creators and their audiences. So, the next time you join a Tango Live stream, consider sending a sparkling Tango Live Diamond to show your appreciation and support for the talented broadcasters who enrich your digital world. Happy gifting!