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Nios Guide Books Class 10

Nios Guide Books Class 10
Grisha Kapri

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Important Points in Given Guide Books

. All chapter summary given

. All text books Question available with solution

. Some Previous year papers given with solution

. Important Question such as short question, long questions given with solution

. Given some practice papers for best preparation

NIOS Guide Books 2023-24 Syllabus

NIOS class 10th and 12th are the most important stages of a student’s academic life. Therefore, it is important to prepare for the NIOS secondary and senior secondary exam 2023 sincerely. Candidates are advised to check out NIOS exam preparation tips to help them make a strategy to ace the exams. Read NIOS preparation tips below:

Know your syllabus: NIOS students need to know the detailed syllabus for the NIOS exam before preparation. Knowing the syllabus enables you to prioritise topics and subjects and gives you a realistic sense of how your preparation is going.

NIOS study material: NIOS provides its students with online study material to prepare for the exam. This gives students a way to prepare and get ready for the NIOS exam. NIOS study material encompasses all topics which are going to come in the exam, thus, it is important for students to study from the study material before going to more advanced books.

Study from reference books: This NIOS preparation tip is strictly for students who have already finished studying from the NIOS study material and have enough time at hand. Such students can go to more advanced books in order to gain an edge over the competition. 

Make a study plan: To give a defined structure to your academic lifestyle, it is important that students should make a study plan. This will help them segregate topics and units according to weightage, which will be beneficial for them. Candidates can also track their preparation this way and make sure they finish the syllabus at least a month before the final exams. 

Practice from sample papers/Guide Books/ Help Books: NIOS sample papers are available on the link provided on this page. To prepare better for an exam and strengthen a topic, it is required that a candidate should solve NIOS sample papers. This will give them confidence and help them on the exam day.