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Orthopedic doctor in Baner – Dr. Ishan Shevate

Dr. Ishan Shevate

Dr. Ishan Shevate is a proficient orthopedic doctor located in Baner. With expertise in orthopedic care, he offers comprehensive treatment for various bone and joint conditions. Dr. Shevate’s specialties include fractures, sports injuries, arthritis, and spine disorders. Utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques, he ensures accurate diagnoses and devises tailored treatment plans. Dr. Shevate’s compassionate approach and patient-centered care prioritize the well-being of his patients. As a responsive orthopedic specialist, he focuses on patient education and involvement throughout the treatment process. Dr. Ishan Shevate strives to enhance his patients’ quality of life, helping them regain mobility and live pain-free.

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Call Now: (940) 578-3493

Address- Srushti Elegance,c/o Vitalife Medipoint Clinic,Baner-Balewadi Road,Opposite Kalmadi School,Baner,Pune 411045

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