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Super Visa Insurance Plans | Super Visa Health Insurance

Super Visa Insurance Plans | Super Visa Health Insurance
Canadian LIC

What is Super Visa Insurance?

A particular type of travel medical insurance that helps to pay for emergency medical situations in the case of the visa holder getting hurt or sick during their stay in Canada is Super Visa Insurance. 


Super visa insurance has been brought to meet the requirements of a Super Visa( a visa for parents and grandparents of permanent residents or citizens of Canada to come to Canada and visit them).


Requirements for Super Visa Insurance


  • Validity must be at least a year from when the super visa holder arrives in Canada.
  • There should be a minimum of $100,000 CAD of coverage.
  • Possible hospitalization, emergency medical care, and repatriation must be covered.
  • It should be available and active for reviewing every time by an immigration official whenever the visa holder comes to Canada.
  • It should have been purchased from an insurance company in Canada.


Is there a need for Super Visa Insurance?

All Canadian visitors who come to Canada on a Super Visa will need Super Visa Insurance. The Super Visa program’s main purpose is to ensure that the visitors do not financially burden public healthcare or the member of the family who will sponsor them. There is a requirement for this insurance to prove that there is sufficient coverage present in the case of any health emergency taking place during their stay in Canada.