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What is Amazon ASIN Number & How to Find it?

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The ASIN number is a 10-digit alphanumeric number that uniquely identifies products on Amazon. This unique number is assigned to each product when you create a new Amazon product. With the exception of books, almost every Amazon product has an ASIN. They use the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) instead of the ASIN. This Amazon identifier is required before you can sell your products on Amazon.

The main purpose of this code was to make it easier to track and handle all products on Amazon.

This is usually a job for manufacturers and brands. If you are able to source a product that isn’t yet available on Amazon, you will have little competition. This increases your chances of winning Amazon Buybox and increasing your sales.

It is important to note that new sellers cannot create more listings than they have sold before they are proven successful on Amazon. You’ll have more ASINs if you have more sales.

Click ‘Create new product‘ in Amazon’s “Add a Product” tool. The form will ask you to enter your product details, including its name, brand and color, and the size, material, and make-up. You will also need to provide a unique EAN/UPC number. This information should be easy to locate on the barcode, label, or manufacturer’s website.

Amazon will assign your product an ASIN number and publish a product detail page once it is submitted. This code will allow you to list your products – as well as other sellers.

2. Use an existing ASIN
Resellers and retailers will be able to include existing ASIN numbers into their listings.

You can search for ASINs in Amazon’s Add a Product’ tool within your Seller Central account by entering the product name, model number, and UPC or EAN.

After you have selected the listing that you wish to sell your products, click “Sell yours”. You can then add your price, quantity, and condition. To improve the quality of your listing, you can also add keywords and additional content.

Product Identifiers like UPC and ASIN are essential to selling on Amazon. In this article, you will learn everything about Amazon ASIN to UPC converters.

How do I find ASIN on Amazon
An Amazon ASIN can be found for your product at various places, including product details and product web addresses. You also have the option to use specific tools to look up ASINs.

1. Using Product URL
You can find the fastest way to locate the ASIN for the product you are trying to sell by looking in your browser’s URL bar. Search the box to find the ASIN or go to your Amazon Seller Central account’s ‘Add product’ page. You can search by model, UPC, EAN, and product name. Amazon ASIN will appear after the product name and “dp“.

This structure is the same every time, and it is the best—the fastest way to locate the Amazon Standard Identification Number.

Here’s an example of locating the identification number on the web address of product listing:

ASIN number using product URL
2. Product Detail Section
The ASIN can be found in product details on under the “Additional Information” section.

If you have many products, a manual ASIN search is not very useful. Here’s what you can do: Use tools.

ASIN number Additional Information
3. Amazon ASIN Lookup Tools
There are many different tools for checking the ASIN of a product. Our Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool can help you with that. Some devices are free, and others have to be purchased but provide an excellent overview and additional features. In the end, it depends on the number of products you want to sell.

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