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Why Choosing Software testing as a Career ?

Why Choosing Software testing as a Career ?

In the past few years, Software testing has become an extremely good career choice in terms of professional growth and learning experience. There are myths about software testing where people believe that there is no promising career in software testing and people say that you will not get good salaries and no career growth like developers but assume if it is the truth then why do all top companies hire testers in the same ration of developers because every software should undergo with testing once after it is being developed and in this process, the testers should make sure that there are no defects and if any bugs or errors is there it will be found out during the testing phase and once after making it is user friendly the software or application will be deployed to the customer.
It’s a challenging career so can have so many experiences choosing Software Testing
You can learn constantly as well as upgrade your knowledge with experience
By choosing software testing you can get many opportunities to be creative and explore many things
One of the coolest things in software testing is it is Data-Driven it can be really fun to find a bug no one thought existed in software everyone thought was working perfectly
Test the Limit-You can’t go around smashing people’s laptops, but you do get to explore software to see where it stops working. Of course, testers don’t break software, but it can be really fun to find a bug no one thought existed in software everyone thought was working perfectly
If you want to get high growth along with a good career then you are in the right time to decide because in the ever-growing technology, Software testing does have a high Demand
Every company that uses software must need a tester and there is a high value for software testers and there are so many industries for testers to get in
As you start your career as a software tester you will obviously it’s obvious that you will get support from your team and along with that you will be in a place where people push you forward to achieve your targeted results
Software Testing is having the same demand just like development and there is massive growth in this field even companies offer better packages based on one’s performance and it entirely depends upon the company you want to get in based on your skills.

Salary Packages for freshers to experienced
Salary Range for Software Test Engineer from the base level

Entry level - Rs 3,00,000/Anum
Mid-level - Rs 8,00,000 /Anum
Experienced - Rs 12,00,000/Anum
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